A Christmas Carol, Quentin Blake's

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Quentin Blake's A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

ISBN13: 9781843651215

RRP $30

Recommended Readership: 4-12 years




A Christmas Carol is the book that defines the Christmas spirit - literally.  Ebeneezer Scrooge, a mean-spirited miser, is visited by three ghosts one Christmas Eve.  The ghosts (of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come) show Scrooge the true value of Christmas - charity, good humour and love for his fellow man.

Quentin Blake's joyous illustrations, full of colour and fun, guide the reader through the lively (and occasionally scary) journey to find the meaning of Christmas.

This unabridged edition contains a forward by the illustrator and is the ultimate Christmas gift book.


About the Author

Charles Dickens is today considered one of the world's greatest writers for his entertaining and thought-provoking stories and memorable characters.

Born in Landport, near Portsmouth, on 7 February 1812, Charles Dickens was the second of seven children.  He was a sickly child and continued in ill health throughout his life.  While other children played outside he stayed indoors and developed a love of reading.

Following a childhood punctuated with poverty, by 1858 Charles Dickens was the greatest living writer and had a large income.  He had written ten major novels and many short stories, of which A Christmas Carol was the most celebrated.  He was also the editor of a magazine, ran his own newspaper and worked for many charities.

Charles Dickens died on 9 June 1870 and was buried in style in Westminster Abbey.  This would have been against his wishes as he felt a much greater sympathy with the poor people of London.  His grave can still be seen there today.


About the Illustrator

Quentin Blake is one of the best-loved illustrators working today - having illustrated about two hundred books for adults and children, for which he has won many awards.  He works mostly in Indian ink and watercolour in a way that has a distinctive quality of movement and vitality - making it instantly recognizable.

Best known for his children's books, particularly his collaborations with the late Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake's other titles include Ten Frogs, Mr Magnolia, Mrs Armitage and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.  Recently he has illustrated editions of Sinbad the Sailor and Don Quixote.

Quentin Blake was born on 16 December 1932 in Sidcup Kent, where he spent all his childhood before choosing to study English at Cambridge University.  Afterwards be trained as a teacher at the University of London and later attended Chelsea School of Art in London.  He and now divides his time between London (South Kensington) and France.



Quentin Blake's A Christmas Carol is a gorgeous presentation of this Charles Dickens timeless classic.  From the exquisite binding - with its look and feel of an aged, leather bound book - to the satin ribbon bookmark, this book is a pleasure to hold and is destined to become a family heirloom.

Whilst some of the language used by Charles Dickens' may be foreign to younger children, Quentin Blake's animated illustrations help to bring the story to life by moving between full colour and black and while images which mirror the mood of the particular passage they accompany.

Quentin Blake's A Christmas Carol is a festive gift that will be treasured by children and adults alike.


Reviewed by: Franciska

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