Emily and the Big Bad Bunyip


Emily and the Big Bad Bunyip

By Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

ISBN13: 9780732286927

RRP $26.99

Recommended Readership: Pre-Readers and Beginner Readers







It's Christmas Day in Shaggy Gully.

The kangaroos are feeling bouncy, the echidnas are being prickly, the emus are feeling peckish and the possums are just hanging around.

Only the Bunyip is gloomy.  "I'm mad and I'm mean!  Bunyips don't like Christmas!"

Meanwhile, Dawn and her chorus are playing Christmas carols, but somehow Emily Emu can't get a note right.  Her musical mishaps float down to the creek, where the Bunyip lives...

Can Emily Emu and her friends possibly make the Bunyip smile this Christmas?

A delightful new picture book from the team who created bestselling Diary of a Wombat, Pete the Sheep and Josephine Wants to Dance.



About the Author

Jackie French is a full-time writer, who lives in Braidwood in the Araluen Valley, via Canberra, New South Wales.  Her book, Hitler's Daughter, was awarded the CBC Younger Readers' Award in 2000 and the WIW! Award in the UK in 2001.  Two of her books, Macbeth and Son, and Josephine Wants to Dance, were made CBC Notable Books in 2007.




Emily and the Big Bad Bunyip is a fun and humorous book geared towards pre- and beginner readers, filled with quirky characters in the form of Australian animals

The narrative bounces along just like the kangaroos in Shaggy Gully and there is just enough repetition to please the littlies without irritating the adults reading to them.  The funky text with varying font sizes that literally leaps off the pages will help readers put extra expression in their voice - guaranteed to delight any audience.

Emily and the Big Bad Bunyip is packed full of gorgeous illustrations and enough sly humour to also keep parents amused.  (Like the ever-changing configuration of the Shaggy Gully Chorus, who's letter-embellished tee shirts spell a different word each time they appear.)

This book it a wonderful celebration of the festive spirit, highlighting the importance of sharing, caring and kindness within a community.



Reviewed by: Franciska


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