How to Talk to Dads

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How to Talk to Dads

By Alec Greven

Illustrations by Kei Acedera

ISBN13: 978007324415

RRP $16.99




You may think you know all the tricks, but nine-year-old Alec Greven knows that when it comes to dads, you have to be on your toes.  Some dads are strict, and some are easygoing, but thay all have a good side and a bad side.  What you get totally depends on Dad's mood and your attitude.  So no matter how old you are or how tight you are with the big guy, trust Alec to help you get down to the bottom of what makes your dad tick.


  • There is an 80 percent chance your dad will say yes when your mum sats no
  • Video games calm Dad down and put him in a better mood
  • If you think Dad is going to let you run wild, you are wrong!

Readers of all ages will go back again and again to this guidebook on father-chid relationships from this nine-year-old guru.  Alec's hilarious insights into Dad, as well as his advice for what to do (and not do) to make him happy are right on target.  And of course, everyone will want to give this to the dad in their family!


About the Author

Alec Greven is ten years old and is in the fourth grade.  Alec has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and on CNN.  He loves to read and write.  Alec wrote this book when he was nine years old. He lives in Castle Rock, Colorado, with his family.


Child's Review

I like this book because everything he says is just like my Dada. But I didn't really learn anything new from it.  I also think it would have been better if the pictures were in colour.

I found it easy to read and a fun book for kids my age and a bit older.


Parent's Review

How to Talk to Dads is another quirky, light-hearted, easy read from nine-year-old guru and best selling author Alec Greven.  This time, Alec's offering sound advice for children of all ages on how to relate to Dads.

We read this book together as a family with our daughter reading out loud to us.  The typeface is a little bit smaller than what she's used to, but the volume of text and language used is well suited for her reading level.

Children, Mums and even Dads (who are able to laugh at themselves that is) will enjoy the humour of How to Talk to Dads.

Best of all (in my humble opinion) is that whilst Alec makes note of the things children tend to find "unfair", he clearly understands Dad's motivation and sums this up beautifully on the final page:

'Dad's goal is for you to grow up and be proud, confidenct, happy, and safe.  He teaches you to believe in yourself and never give up.  It's his job as a dad, but I think he likes doing it a lot!  Do not underestimate the power of the father.  Your dad helps you become you.'

You can't help but admire Alec's tremendous level of maturity at just nine years of age.




Reviewed by: Satine (aged 6) and her Mama


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