How to Talk to Santa

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How to Talk to Santa

By Alec Greven

Illustrations by Kei Acedera

ISBN13: 978007324422

RRP $14.99

Recommended Readership: All Ages




How do you control your greed, still get what you want, and spread the cheer?  Get ready, Santa's almost here!

Ten-year-old Alec Greven is the boy to turn to for advice about the jolly guy in the red suit.  He knows it's easy to go wild when Santa is on his way and explains how to avoid Santa-trouble.  But there's more to Christmas than want, want, want, and Alec reminds us of the greater meaning - giving to others and spreading joy!


  • There is an 80 percent chance your dad will say yes when your mum sats no
  • Video games calm Dad down and put him in a better mood
  • If you think Dad is going to let you run wild, you are wrong!

Guarantee a Happy Christmas with this funny and charming book, perfect for everyone who still believes in Santa.  The package also includes a letter sheet and addressed envelope direct to Santa himself!


About the Author

Alec Greven is ten years old and is in the fourth grade.  Alec has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and on CNN.  He loves to read and write.  Alec wrote this book when he was nine years old. He lives in Castle Rock, Colorado, with his family.


Child's Review

This book is fun and I'm sure all kids my age would enjoy reading it.  It has some great suggestions and I particularly like the advice that you should be good even after Christmas because it is important to be nice ALL the time and not only is Santa watching for next Christmas, but you now have lots of new toys that your parents can take away if you're naughty!

I don't like the way that the pictures don't have any colour, but they're still cute and I especially like the way that there is always a picture of Santa at the start of every chapter!!


Parent's Review

How to Talk to Santa is another quirky, light-hearted, instruction guide from ten-year-old guru and best selling author Alec Greven.

Children will enjoy reading this book and parents will appreciate its messages encouraging everyone to be caring, thoughtful, generous and kind all-year-around.:

"The real magic of Santa is not the presents.  It is believing in the good everyone can do.  Santa is for every kid and every age.  You can be 100 and still believe."

The first time we read How to Talk to Santa together we took reading out-loud and shared many giggles along the way.  Satine is now confident at reading chapter books so could comfortably manage the text.  Less experienced readers would certainly need it read to them, however younger children would struggle to follow some of the concepts.  The language is definitely better suited to pre-teens and I wouldn't recommend this book for pre-schoolers or new entrants.


Reviewed by: Satine (aged 6.5) and her Mama


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