Mucking In: The gardens and the gardeners


Mucking In: The gardens and the gardeners

By Jim Mora and Tony Murrell

ISBN13: 9781869507701

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'Hi, it's Jim Mora from Mucking In and we'd love to give you a new garden...'

For nearly 10 years, New Zealanders have been thanking those amazing individuals with the biggest hearts, the most generous natures, and (often) the most neglected gardens, by nominating them for Television One's premier garden makeover show, Mucking In.

And for nearly 10 years Jim and the team, which now includes garden designer Tony Murrell, have been working with communities throughout New Zealand to surprise, amaze and delight viewers and garden recipients alike, as friends, colleagues and neighbours come together to show how much these unsung heroes are cherished and appreciated.

To celebrate, Jim and Tony share a selection of highlights, garden designs and tips from the last three series, including some of the behind-the-scenes magic that has transformed gardens for the people who transform others' lives.

About the Authors

Jim Mora is a radio and television presenter and also writes children's TV cartoons and books.  He lives in Auckland with his partner Mary (a media presenter and bsuinesswoman), their three children (Grace, Elixabeth and Jack), and two cats (Louis and Ruby).  His own garden is nothing to write home about, but he is gradually mastering the art of compost.  He finds it easy to grow radishes; everything else is a struggle that builds character.

Tony Murrell has just completed his third season on Mucking In, which he calls 'the most rewarding job I've ever had.'  He also has his own garden design business, is a radio presenter, and has written Garden Designs to Enhance Your Life.  His own garden is a mixture of vegetables, natives and exotics, grown where possible in new and interesting ways.  Tony also lives in Auckland, where he sometimes pops over to Jim and Mary's to offer much-needed gardening suggestions..



Even if you have never watched a single episode of TVNZ's Mucking In, you will enjoy this 'coffee table' book.  I liken it to sitting down with a friend's photo album and listening to them recount their fondest memories. Jim Mora and Tony Murrell share their most memorable moments from the last three seasons of Mucking In - introducing the reader to the amazing individuals who's gardens were transformed by their eternally grateful communities.

I have to confess, my enthusiasm towards gardening begins and ends with the enjoyment of the finished (manicured) garden.  For me, the enjoyment arises from 'experiencing' the end product rather than the journey to create it.  (Like the art collector/appreciator vs the artist/scultpor.)  However, I have always enjoyed watching makeovers/renovations take place and you too will be inspired by the before and after shots of these amazing garden transformations.  But perhaps best of all, your spirit will be uplifted reading the stories of ordinary Kiwis being acknowledged for the extraordinary services they provide tirelessly to their communities.



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