Survive the Crunch

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Survive the Crunch

What Kiwis need to know to survive the recession

By Catriona MacLennan

ISBN13: 9781869507527

RRP $24.99




Costs are rising, income is uncertain, times are getting tougher... getting through the recession in one piece will take some planning.  You can do it, and Auckland lawyer and journalist Catriona MacLennan will show you how.

Filled with practical tips and user-friendly advice, Survive the Crunch! helps you overhaul your finances - increasing what comes in, reducing what goes out, and making the most of what you've already got.

It has hundreds of great ideas including advice on:

  • How to hang on to your job

  • How to get what you're due if redundancy strikes

  • How to take control of your spending

  • 30+ ways to save money on your mortgage, bank fees and break fees

  • 20+ ways to save on personal expenses

  • 20 ways to save on power

  • 20+ ways to save on water

  • 25+ ways to reduce your food billMoney for parents

  • 25+ ways to save on holidays and entertainment

In tough economic times, every little bit helps, and Survive the Crunch! is packed with common-sense suggestions to help balance the books.


About the Author

Catriona MacLennan is a barriester and has practised law in South Auckland for the past 12 years.

She has extensive experience in the field of domestic violence and practised in a wide range of legal fields including consumer, employment and family.

Catriona's clients are some of the most disadvantaged people in New Zealand, who find it difficult to access lawyers or to obtain redress through the courts.  Catriona uses her experience and contacts as a former Parlilamentary Press Gallery journalist to lobby for law changes to improve the situation for her clients.

She also acts for beneficiaries not receiving their full entitlements from WINZ, and has taken a number of cases which have resulted in WINZ cancelling debts of thousands of dollars claimed against clients.

She is a well-known media commentator who specialises in legal, social and animal rights issues.

Catriona's Previous book was Ready for Anything: Growing Older in New Zealand - what you need to know, and she is the bestselling author of Know Your Rights - A Practical Guide to the Law for Every New Zealand Household, and the author of Home Truths and Kitchen Table Millionaire.



Packed full of easy to implement sound advice, Survive the Crunch! is a fabulous resource for all New Zealanders.

Catriona outlines your entitlements, advises on how to make savings, and provides oodles of resources and web sites you can visit to ensure that you're getting the best deals.

Survive the Crunch! is organised into five eay to follow sections on your: job; money; home; children and pets; and free time.  The chapters are easy to follow and each section concludes with a summary of the top 10 survival tips.  There is also a quick reference section to all the resources contained within the book.

At such an affordable price, Survive the Crunch! is worth it's weight in gold.



Reviewed by: Franciska

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