An essential guide to vibrant good health for women

By Lynda Wharton

ISBN13: 9781869506186

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Well-Being is a practical guide to empower women along their journey to wellness and fulfilment.  It is intended to be used in conjunction with the advice offered by health care professionals both within main stream medicine and holistic health.

New Zealand author and respected authority on holistic women's health, Lynda Wharton, answers many of the health-related questions she is asked on a daily basis within her busy holistic health clinic in Auckland.  Her style of writing is easy to digest with no airy-fairy embellishments and no complex medical terminology to make your head spin.

Well-Being is divided into two sections: "Staying Well" and "Getting Well".

Part one, Staying Well, which comprises about two thirds of the book, begins with a basic look at the female anatomy and physiology followed by a comprehensive look at diet and nutrition (including discussions on various supplements), environmental pollution and the importance of exercise.  Lynda also examines the fascinating mind/body connection and offers practical advice on minimising stress as well as the importance of changing our attitudes to better deal with the stressors that are outside of our control.

The Staying Well section concludes with extended discussions on menopause and breast cancer prevention.

Part two, Getting Well, is a handy A-Z guide to common female health conditions such as: amenorrhoea, cystitis, endometriosis, chronic cystic mastitis, fibroids, incontinence, infertility, osteoporosis, PMS and thrush, among others.  Within each of these topics, Lynda explains the condition in easy to understand language along with symptoms and possible causes followed by a discussion on treatments available from main stream medicine to holistic health and simple self-help tips.

Well-Being is a must read for every woman.  Whether you are in the midst of dealing with a medical condition or looking at ways to improve and maintain your general good health, Lynda's knowledge and experience will prove an invaluable companion along your journey.



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