Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook


Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook

How to grow, cook and preserve vegetables, herbs and fruit

By Kate Fraser

ISBN13: 9781869507503

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In 1883, Arthur Yates opened a tiny seed shop in a ramshackle wooden building in Auckland.  Now more than 125 years on, Yates is the most trusted and recognised name in New Zealand and Australian gardening.

Growing our own food produce helped us survive the Great Depression and the World Wars and Yates has been there every step of the way providing seeds, reliable gardening products and practical knowledgeable advice.

Yates also produced Yates Garden Guide, the biggest-selling gardening book on both sides of the Tasman that has been inspiring generations to embark on their first attempts at growing their own food, and in recent years there has been a return to interest in home-grown food.

So now Yates has combined with Kate Fraser's culinary knowledge to give us Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook.

Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook lets you rediscover what your great-grandparents knew - the pleasure gardening can bring, the delicious, healthy nourishing food it provides and the savings you can make.  The culinary methods, kitchens and cooking equipment over the years may differ but the great flavours never change, they only improve with age.

Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook - with its combination of fresh new ideas and tried and tested heritage recipes - provides dozens of suggestions for using your garden produce.

  • Grow your own vegetables, herbs and fruit

  • Enjoy the pleasure of picking home-grown produce

  • Cook and eat your own healthy, delicious vegetables and fruit

  • Preserve and store your surplus in tasty and economic ways

  • Know what your family is eating

Share heritage family recipes and create your own

Heritage recipes have been provided by members of the Yates Internet Garden Club and tested by Kate Fraser and we hope Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook will continue to grow and be added to over the years as a companion to Yates Garden Guide to meet a growing need for cooking and preserving information for a generation of new gardeners.

Kate Fraser says: 'I have always enjoyed cooking, but it wasn't until a neighbour have us twenty tomato plants many years ago that flourished and bore tomatoes all summer long that I first appreciated the delights of growing my own vegetables, fruits and herbs.  The thrill of fresh-from-the-garden is still with me.  What I lack in gardening skills I make up for with enthusiasm.

'This cookbook has been an entirely pleasurable exercise.  I really had no idea I had so many vegetable and fruit recipes in my repertoire until I started planning the various categories, but I guess it is a generation things; my formative years were when everyone had a backyard - and a vegetable garden.  It would benefit us all if the garden bit returned.'


About the Author

Kate Fraser is the editor of Zest, the food and fashion section of The Press and also an author.  Her latest book was Cooking Times: A culinary journey through Kiwi kitchens from the 1930s to the present day.  Kate draws on a family heritage of cooking and entertaining to create uncomplicated and stylish recipes.  She is an award-winning food writer, stylist and culinary consultant and lives in Canterbury and sometimes in Otago.



Having caught the gardening bug thanks to Janice Mariott's Yates Young Gardener, Miss six-and-a-half and I spent our summer holidays setting up our first veggie garden.  We started small: six lettuces, one cucumber plant, strawberries, and a couple of varieties of tomato plants.  This felt like a manageble introduction to growing produce for our small family of three and we enjoyed the most amazing salads throughout summer.  The lettuces have since gone to seed and the strawberries didn't exactly provide an abundance of fruit.  However, the cucumbers are continuing to flourish and the late-season tomato plants have suddenly taken off with an almost frightening volume of fruit growing upon its vines.

So I now face a couple of dilemmas: what do I grow in place of the plants no longer bearing produce and what do I do with the mountains of cucumbers and tomatoes all set to ripen at the same time?  Fortunately, Kate Fraser has come to my rescue!

Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook is filled with tempting recipe ideas grouped according to produce - from vegetables to herbs and fruit.  The recipes in each section are interspersed with a description of the most common home-garden produce including tips and pointers on succesful growing and harvesting.

Throughout Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook you will find gorgeous photographs to further entice and to help you identify the various varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruit.

However, this book is intended as a companion to Yates Garden Guide, so don't expect it to be a definitive guide to gardening.  For me, it provides just the right amount of information to inspire me to don those gardening gloves - in fact, if it were any more indepth it would prove somewhat over-whelming and discourage for this urbanite!

I highly recommend Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook for all new budding gardners who are wanting some guidance on getting their home garden started and looking for fresh ideas on how best to use the abundance of crops they produce.



Reviewed by: Franciska

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