By Ian Coutts

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The role of Dad is constantly changing: Dads are no longer sole protectors of and providers for their children, and sometimes it can even feel as if the very idea of Dad is under attack.  But there is one are in which the role of a father has remained unchanged: Dad as entertainer.  And while a father can find plenty of advice regarding his other roles, this age-old task has been largely neglected - until now.

Dadzooks will enable any father, stepfather or father-to-be to impress even the most jaded and cynical of children.  The tricks, skills, jokes and gags within its pages are universal classics, passed down through the generations.  From classics like the Kazoo Comb and Ear Scratch to modern miracles like the Homemade Volcano and the Soda Geyser, any Dad can become a master of magic, a king of comedy, the very fount of family fun.

About the Author

Ian Coutts is a writer, father and stepfather who has been a comedian and trickster for many years.  He lives, works and entertains in Toronto, Canada.


This is a fantastic resource for Dads of kids of all ages, every conceivable tool for transforming the couch-bound dad into a center-stage performer.

Dadzooks is a compilation of renowned and creative ideas for delighting babes from naught through early school.

Tricks from Jaws: The Father through to ScheheraDad will entertain for hours, and in the eyes of the offspring, place deserving dad firmly in the position of entertainer of the household.

A great, practical read, I suggest this go right on the list of essential reading for every new dad, get ready for the squeals of delight!

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