Mothers Raising Sons


Mothers Raising Sons

What every mother needs to know to save her sanity!

By Nigel Latta

ISBN13: 9781869507848

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There has never been a time in human history when our boys have been in greater crisis.  They fill our prisons, and on Friday and Saturday nights their broken, bloodied bodies fill our hospitals and morgues.  They are failing in schools in record numbers, trailing behind girls in all areas of performance.  They are more at risk of using alcohol and drugs, of killing themselves, of both committing violence and being the victims of violence.

Nigel Latta is not entirely convinced about all this doom and gloom.  He was a boy once, and he doesn't remember any major crisis during his boyhood, other than - and admittedly this did eat him up for years - not having a cool action figure like his neighbour had.

There is however, no denying that the media is widely reporting claims that should give parents of boys food for though.  For example:

  • Boy's brains are hardwired so they cannot talk about their feelings
  • Boys are better at building bridges, girls are better at building relationships
  • Boys are better in single sex schools

This makes it a particularly confusing and frightening time to be a mum raising boys, especially with 'experts' telling them that their sons are from different planets and require vastly different strategies to raising girls, all of this based on reports of what the 'latest neuroscience research' is supposedly telling us about boys' brains.  It's almost like mums have suddenly become toxic, something boys should avoid as much as possible.

As a father of two boys, and a psychologist who specialises in working with children, something was not quite ringing true for Nigel so he dug a little deeper and what he discovered that many of the 'facts' which are used as the basis for grand pronouncements by the 'boy crisis' lobby are nowhere near as clear cut as we've all been left to believe.  In fact, quite the opposite.

All of this prompted Nigel to share his discoveries in Mothers Raising Sons.  Nigel discovered that often the reality behind the 'science' of some of the claims is quite frankly scandalous.  We've been blinded by spin where the message is driven by ideology and personal agenda and where the original scientific findings are often grossly exaggerated and stunningly misinterpreted.

Having worked for over 20 years with literally thousands of boys, including big boys who have killed people, Nigel had long ago come to the conclusion that boys' problems remain fundamentally the same over the generations.  So why this sudden 'boy crisis'?  What's changed?  The answer, purely and simply, is the drama we've built up about raising boys.

Mothers Raising Sons draws on Nigel's clinical experience with boys and his own investigation of the scientific research to dispel some of the new myths, and to put the 'facts' in the appropriate context.  To this, he adds practical examples and case studies which will help all mothers raising boys.

"I want mums to be able to make more informed judgments about what does and does not matter to their boys, and to be more aware of the politics which underlies all parenting advice.  my politics are simple: don't over-think - the way forward is far simpler, and far more familiar, than you've been led to believe."

With chapters such as: 'Throwing like a girl: the gender similarities hypothesis', 'Lion taming: managing boys' behaviour', 'Crime: when good boys go bad', 'Dropkick dads' and 'How to be a cool mum', Nigel will reassure mums that they will always be a fundamentally important part of their boys' lives.


About the Author

Respected clinical psychologist, best selling author, and father of two boys of his own, Nigel Latta has worked with thousands of families, and consults with a range of private and public organizations from throughout New Zealand, including social service agencies, sex offender treatment programmes, prisons, the Department of Corrections, the New Zealand Police, and Child, Youth and Family services.

A regular media commentator, Nigel has presented two television series adapted from his books - Beyond the Darklands (which screens in both New Zealand and Australia) and The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show - and has a regular parenting segment on national radio's Nine to Noon.

Nigel's books include the best selling Into the Darklands and Beyond: Unveiling the predators among us, Before Your Teenagers Drive You Crazy, Read This! and How to Have Kids and Stay Sane, and the novel Execution Lullaby.



Mothers Raising Sons is another fantastic book from Nigel Latta - based upon his extensive experience working with boys from all walks of life, raising his own two sons and of course having been a boy himself!

Once again, Nigel delivers sound advice through his refreshingly tell-it-like-it-is, no-holds-barred, straight-to-the-point manner. His great sense of humour, wonderful way with words and ability to laugh at his own parenting mishaps keep his parenting books entertaining and 'real'.

I recommend Mothers Raising Sons for all parents, teachers and anyone in contact with boys as a great insight into the nature and behaviour of boys.  Not only will you have a better understanding of what makes boys 'tick' but you will also become more critical of and less blinded by the doom and gloom claims which fill our headlines.



Reviewed by: Franciska

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