Streetwise Parenting


Streetwise Parenting

By Glenn Compain

ISBN13: 9781869506865

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You check the backpack your kid's taking to the sleepover to check they've got clean underwear and find condoms, dope and a brand-new iPod you've never seen before...  Welcome to the nightmare many parents wake up to when it's too late and their child is already going places they would never have imagined.  Welcome to the world of the street, that isn't on the other side of town, over the tracks or somewhere else.  It's in your in town, in your neighbourhood and, if you're not careful, about to grab your kids.

Time for the permissive anything-and-everything-goes parenting to stop - time for some tough love, some rule-setting and some hard-talking.  Because our children are our future, and in the world of the street they're all at risk.  Streetwise Parenting gives parents an insight into the reality their children need to navigate, providing some of the information parents need to help their children survive in a world that's changed from the one they knew as children.

Glenn Compain has spent ten years as a police officer, and during this time he has seen first-hand the devastation that drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence cause; and in recent years, the alarming escalation of street gangs, random acts of violence, and boy-racer fatalities - all of which are currently in the new Zealand headlines almost every day.

Parents today need to be streetwise and be able to identify the danger signs for their children, which is why Streetwise Parenting seeks to inform and advise parents what is going on in the streets and communities, followed up with practical steps to take to make their families safe and strong.

Glenn has gained valuable insights into the 'disconnection' many youths are experiencing and the subsequent 'fall-out' which is affecting whole communities, and he offers solutions and practical advice on how to deal with this.

Streetwise Parenting:

  • reports in detail what is currently happening in the community
  • breaks down disconnection into its component parts, explains why it occurs, and gives insight into why young people and adults are going off the rails
  • outlines the six areas of influence that cause and affect human behaviour
  • key areas to be aware of
  • reconciles the problems within that limit effective relationships
  • give strategies for parents - what can you do


About the Author

Glenn Compain is the youngest of four sons and was raised in Kelston West Auckland.  He is of Maori, Samoan, French, African American, and Blackfoot Indian heritage.  Glenn has witnessed a lot of unrest overseas as well as in New Zealand.  After schooling at Kelston Boys' High he travelled to California as a teenager to pursue his basketball dream.  (The claim to fame in his US neighbourhood was the murder rate).  He went on to spend two years working with orphans in Uganda, East Africa, during a civil war where child soldiers and murder were an everyday threat and reality.  He joined the New Zealand Police in 1999 and has worked extensively in Youth and community Development, worked as a creative consultant, is a singer-songwriter and recording artist, and is the proud father of three sons.



Whether you are already concerned about the pressures faced by today's youth and their parents, or still blissfully unaware, or simply in denial, Streetwise Parenting for you.  Straight-talking Glenn Compain opens the reader's eyes to what is happening in our communities (emphasising that no community exists in a bubble!) and discusses the areas of influence on our children.

Glenn believes that it is the parents' job to empower their children to make good decisions when faced with tough choices and Streetwise Parenting is filled with common-sense advice and strategies.  Glenn's commentary is interspersed with anecdotes from the highly prominent Graham Henry amongst other concerned New Zealanders.

If you are a parent, grandparent, caregiver, teacher, or anyone who is in regular contact with children, teenagers, and young people, then Streetwise Parenting is a worthwhile read.



Reviewed by: Franciska

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