The Kiwi Kids' Health Book


The Kiwi Kids' Health Book

The essential A-Z guide to emergencies, baby care and common childhood illnesses

By Dr Jonny Taitz and Dr Simon Rowley

ISBN13: 9781869508210

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Parenting a sick child can be confronting and confusing, particularly when the child is too young to communicate exactly what is wrong.  Unsure of whether their child's pain is the result of a minor illness or a more serious medical condition, many parents find it difficult to resist the temptation to ruch their child to the nearest emergency room or doctor.

In The Kiwi Kids' Health Book, distinguished paediatricians Dr Jonny Taitz and Dr Simon Rowley on their years of experience, providing parents with clear and concise information on childhood illnesses, emergencies and baby care so parents can make a more informed decision when it comes to their child's health.

Written in a reassuring, clear style, The Kiwi Kids' Health Book covers the most common ailments that carers and parents need to know about to keep kids healthy.  Dr Taitz provides guidance on how to deal with:

Emergencies - first aid after events such as choking, near-drowning, poisoning, broken bone or tooth; serious illnesses like meningococcal disease and bronchiolitis; how to tell if your child's injury, fever or pain requires urgent attention; when to call an ambulance and what to expect at the hospital

Baby care - the six-week check-up; the pros and cons of circumcision and immunisation; colic; feeding; jaundice; normal development of limbs; teething.

Common childhood illnesses - croup, fevers, gastro, pneumonia, urinary tract infection and worms.

The Kiwi Kids' Health Book also offers commonsense advice on topics such as travelling with children, asthma, allergies, bites and stings and has a range of features for easy reference including:

  • A reassuring tone and straight-worward style

  • A clear and concise A-Z format of illnesses and conditions

  • 'What to so' and 'When to seek help' checklists as well as summaries at the end of each chapter

  • Separation of medical facts from the myths

  • Diagrams and illustrations for conditions suck as meningococcal disease and SIDS

  • A detailed index with a list of additional resources


About the Authors

Dr Simon Rowley is a New Zealand paediatrician working both at Auckland City Hospital (newborn unit) and as a general paediatrician in private practice in Auckland.

He is also a member of the Brainwave Trust, which promotes the importance of childood experiences and brain development in the first three years.

He is married with four children, and lives in Auckland.

Dr Jonny Taitz is a distinguished paediatrician who often works with children with rare conditions.  He is currently rhe Assistant Director of Clinical Operations and Staff Specialist Paediatrician at the Sydnet Children's Hospital Randwick.

Jonny is registered as a Specialist Paediatrician in Australia, South Africa and the UK.

He also lectures in Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Nwe South Wales.

Jonny's interests rance from rural paediatric health issues to his involvement with children's charities such as the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and the SMILE Foundation.



First and foremost, The Kiwi Kids' Health Book is not intended to replace medical advice and you should always seek professional medical assistance if you are concerned about the health of your child.  It is, however, a wonderful reference guide - empowering New Zealand parents to make better informed decisions about their children's health.

Free from medical jargon, Dr Tatiz  provides clear, easy to understand explanations of medical conditions and offers valuable advice about treatments, danger signs and when to seek help.

I recommend first reading it cover-to-cover to familiarise yourself with common childhood ailments and then keeping it handy for quick reference whenever you need it to provide reassurance and advice.

This book is a must have for all parents and carers of young children.



Reviewed by: Franciska

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