Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love

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Why Women Want Sex and Women Need Love

Unravelling the Simple Truth

By Allan and Barbara Pease

ISBN13: 9781920816308

RRP $32.99




Sex is like air: it's not important unless you aren't getting any.  And the international bestselling authors Allan and Barbara Pease focus their insight and wit on this, the most important, yet often most frustrating and confusing part of any loving relationship.  With cutting edge research and groundbreaking analysis, Allan and Barbara reveal why men want sex and women want love.

In this practical, humorous and easy-to-read guide Allan and Barabara help the reader discover the truth about men and women.  They translate the science into a highly entertaining read then teach you what you can do about it!

This book can help singles looking for love, those in relationships that need some real help or those who want to keep their partner happy and reap the extraordinary benefits that follow.

Revealed in this book:

  • What men and women really want from love and sex

  • How to find a great partner and have a happy future

  • What to do when the chemistry is wrong

  • What turns men and women on - and off

  • How to handle a cheater

  • How to change your love-life forever

  • How to make women want sex more often

  • How to regain your mojo

This is a must-have for anyone who wants to get the most from their relationship.  It provides the answers both men and women are desperate to learn.

About the Authors

Allan Pease is the world's foremost expert on body language and relationships.  His acclaimed book Body Language has sold over five million copies, while his TV series had over one hundred million viewers worldwide. He travels the world lecturing on human communication.

Barbara Pease is CEO of Pease International, which produces videos, training courses and seminars for businesses and governments worldwide.  She is co-author of the best selling book Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps.



Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love is a truly insightful and utterly entertaining look at how gender differences in the way we communicate can destroy relationships.

As the synopsis states, this book is invaluable for couples and singles alike.  Once you understand  what drives your spouse and why he/she behaves the way they do, you will find yourself more accepting and willing to make compromises to ensure the survival of your relationship.  You may even learn some things about your own behaviours along the way!

Whether you read Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love alone or as a couple, you will benefit from Allan and Barbara's understanding of what makes us tick.  But unlike so many relationship/self-help books, this one will have you laughing out loud.



Reviewed by: Franciska

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