Cry of the Taniwha


Cry of the Taniwha

By Des Hunt

ISBN13: 9781869507312

RRP $18.99

Recommended Readership 9-12 years




Sitting on the dark earth and staring up at him was a skull, the lower jaw below ground so Matt didn't have to cope with the thing grinning up at him.  The empty eye sockets were scary enough...

Matt Logan isn't looking forward to spending the school holidays with his grandmother and her new husband.  He has to fly to Rotorua, where he doesn't know anybody, and he's a bit wary of his new step-grandfather.  All Matt knows is that he's Maori and a bus driver.

Along with his worries, Matt packs his pride and joy - a homemade metal detector, because, you never know, he might find something interesting.

What he finds is Juzza, who lives over the back fence and wants to join a local gang.  When the boys unearth a handcuffed skeleton, a chain of events begins to coil around them.  Together they are thrown into a deadly search for treasure when the local gang boss decides to exploit their find for himself.


About the Author

Des Hunt specializes in action-packed adventures set in the natural landscapes of New Zealand.  This is his eight novel, two of which have been finalists in the NZ Post Children's Book Awards.

Des lives on the Coromandel Peninsula.



Cry of the Taniwha is another gripping tale you simply cannot put down.  Des Hunt's vivid narrative begins by transporting the reader back to 9th June 1886 when Mount Tarawera erupted.  Once the background history has been set, the reader is returned to present day Rotorua.

From the innocent youths to the street-savvy teens; from the hardened gang members to the wise and kind-hearted senior citizens; and from the criminals of a long-gone era to the Taniwha, the characters are diverse yet all drawn to the allure of the same great treasure.

Tweens, teens and adults alike will enjoy the suspense as the story unfolds and learn some valuable life-lessons along the way right alongside Des Hunt's heroes and villains.  Another highly recommended great read from this best selling New Zealand author.



Reviewed by: Franciska

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