The Bone Tiki

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The Bone Tiki

By David Hair

ISBN13: 9781869507343

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The Bone Tiki is a young adult fantasy novel, which uses New Zealand myth and history to intertwine our modern world with a magical land of ancient Maori/settler New Zealand.  It is fast-paced, full of tension and fear, while balanced with humour and moments of wonder.

For all those who, as children, used to fantasise that taniwha lurked beneath the mud pools of Rotorua, that the carved faces in Maori meeting-rooms were alive, and that Hatupatu was still hiding inside that rock in the Waikato where he hid from the Birdwitch, The Bone Tiki brings these childhood fantasies to life.

The story was primarily inspired by the legends surrounding Cape Reinga, the departing place of the dead in Maori myth.  At the top of the North Island, Cape Reinga offers an incredible view of the powerful waters of the Pacific and Tasman's meeting place.  The main villain is a character from Maori myth (the legend of the Wooden Head), as are several of the minor characters.

What do you do when you meet a tohunga makutu?  You run.

When reality dissolves and myths and legends come alive?  You run faster.

And when the dead come to life and blood debts have to be paid, will you have the courage to do what must be done?

Matiu Douglas has a bone tiki he stole form a tangi.  His father's important new client wants it.  Badly.  And he has some very nasty friends.  When Mat is forced to flee for his life, an unexpected meeting with a firl called Pania sets his world spinning.  Suddenly he's running through the bush with a girl-clown, a dog who is way too human, and a long-dead warrior.  Fearful creatures from legend are rising up around him, and Mat faces a terrifying ordeal.

And there is nowhere left to hide... not even in another world.

A breathtaking adventure set in two parallel New Zealands, from exciting new author David Hair, who says:

"I used to devour all the myths and legends books I could find, both New Zealand and overseas.  I think stories about the real and mythic past are important in understanding where we've come from and who we are, and in the story I had a lot of fun blending the real and the mythic to make it a very New Zealand fantasy.


About the Author

David Hair was raised in the Hawkes Bay and after the traditional Kiwi OE, settled in Wellington.  He currently lives in India with his wide, who is with the New Zealand High Commission in New Delhi.  While he worked for many years in the financial services industry, his focus is now on writing.  The Bone Tiki is his first novel.



I have never been a fan of the fantasy genre and my interest in Maori legend ended when I left school.  So I approached this book with an open mind and I must confess, I couldn't put it down!  The Bone Tiki held me captivated from cover-to-cover and I haven't a doubt in my mind that adults of all ages and gender will enjoy this uniquely New Zealand tale.


Reviewed by: Franciska

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